Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 7: My Favorite Film

My all time favorite film is “Father of the Bride” with Steve Martin.  Let me tell you a little story about this movie.  My family started a tradition many years ago of going to see a movie together on Christmas Day.  It used to be that we were three of ten people in the theater (I assume the other 7 were Jewish), and now people are in on our secret and the movies are packed on Christmas Day.  Jammed packed. This tradition started when we all went to see “Father of the Bride” together.  All three of us laughed the entire movie.

Not only is the movie funny and endearing, we laughed extra hard because we felt like we could have been watching our lives played out on screen.  I am very much the hopeless romantic Daddy’s girl.  My dad is Steve Martin to a tee in this movie.  If you know my dad really well, you know he doesn’t necessarily worry about money all that much, but he sure does talk like he does.  He is always saying to Mom and I, “That cost HOW much! Do you see a money tree in the backyard?”  We jokingly call my Dad the “chipper chicken” and I pray that he doesn’t get up at my wedding and say “This cost X dollars a plate.  Be sure to eat up!” I know he would never, ever embarrass me or himself like that, but so many of the things “George Banks” does in this movie have us rolling because it is like watching my dad.  Even he sees the character resemblance.  Diane Keaton/”Nina Banks” also really resembles my mom.  Of course my mom would not bat an eyelash at having swans at the wedding or thawing out the tulips with a hair dryer.   

“Annie and Brian” even get married on my parents’ wedding anniversary, January 6.

We will only be so lucky if I end up with a wedding planner like Franc.  And let’s hope my dad doesn’t accidentally wear a navy blue tux-aaaa-doe.

I am not one that can recite lines from movies.  My best friend is queen of this, but really, I could care less.  But, this movie.  I have seen it so many times and it never gets old.  I could probably singlehandedly recite the entire movie.

Without a doubt, my wedding day will be a very special day for my entire family.  One of love and warmth and joy.  And, if I am honest, my dad will probably do whatever I want to make it as special as possible.  He will be the best Father of the Bride there ever was.  But, I know we will reflect on this movie during the planning and on the actual day.  His chipper chicken tendencies will undoubtedly emerge and he has even offered his vintage convertible to me – similar to the one “George” drives.

“Father of the Bride” started our family tradition of going to the movies on Christmas and it will always be special to us for more than that reason.


  1. Believe it or not, I've never seen this movie!!! I am going to check it out asap. It sounds funny and sweet!


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