Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 15: My Dream House

If I had to pick any house as my dream house, I would pick this one:
This is the house used in the movie Father of the Bride (my favorite) and I love the inside of it, assuming the inside of the house in the movie is, indeed, the inside of this house.  I also love the outside of it.  It just looks like a home to me.  One filled with warmth, love, and heartfelt memories.  If it is my dream home, though, there are a few things I would change.  To make it my dream home, I would
  • move it to the East Coast.  I am just not a California girl.
  • put it in or close to a big city (Washington, DC.  I'd probably place it in Alexandria, VA)
  • put it on the river.  I absolutely love the water, so my dream house would definitely be on the water.
If I could then fill this house with a loving and faithful husband, a playful puppy or two, and some healthy and happy children....oh what a dream that would be!


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  2. I accidentally hit enter too soon...I think it's a beautiful dream and one that I pray will come true for you!! Gorgeous home:)


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