Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 6: My Favorite Things

Two things came to mind when I sat down to write this post: The Sound of Music and Oprah.  I won't be singing you a song, and unfortunately, I won't be announcing that all of these things will be going home with you!  Sorry, maybe one day if I win the lottery.  I do encourage you to check out or experience these things, though.  They are my favorites for a reason -- they're awesome!

1. Music - Oh my gosh. Music moves me.  It gives me words when I cannot speak.  It evokes emotions.  It recalls memories.  It motivates. I could not live without music. 

2. ITunes gift cards - to buy more music

3. The sand between my toes, staring at the ocean with a strawberry daiquiri in my hand

4. Sunsets

5. Cupcakes

6. Boom Chicka Pop: Aside from this being the coolest name for popcorn ever, it is amazingly addictive - and only 35 calories per cup!

7. Traveling the world

8. Vacations with friends that involve laughing til my sides hurt

9. Tight hugs

10. When two friends are together, don't say a word, but walk away feeling like you had the best conversation.

11. Summer thunderstorms during the week

12. The groom's face when he sees his bride for the first time

13. Snow cones from Texas

14. The Redskins

15. Dripping in sweat after a workout

16. Mint chocolate chip ice cream with rainbow sprinkles in a cake cone

17. The moment in church when you close your eyes and listen to everyone worshiping.  I imagine it is what heaven is like.

18. A sign from deceased loved one

19. Balloons

20. Boats - Anything by/surrounding the water


  1. I will be going to Texas this summer and will for sure be trying a snow cone! I love listening to people worship, too. So many greats on your favorite list!

    1. If you go to Austin, try SnoBeach. It's to die for. You can't really go wrong anywhere, though. Enjoy!

    2. Wrote it down:) Thanks for the tip!!

  2. I'm with you on cupcakes and balloons! (I'm still expecting balloons for my birthday next month; I'll turn 47!) I'd never heard of Boom Chicka Pop, so I looked it up. Now I want to try it!

    1. Yes!! I hope your birthday is special....with balloons and cupcakes :)


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