Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 27: My Pets

Sorry to post so late.  I am sick and have a headache the size of Texas.  Being sick in the summer is really no fun, but I am at my parents' house.  That means our dogs are the best nurses. 

We have two dogs: a four year old Westie named Zoe and a 2 year old Wired Fox Terrier named Phoebe.  Zoe has shown me that I am going to be an overprotective mother.  I found Zoe online and had to do all of this research to make sure she was from a legitimate breeder and not a puppy mill.  I don't think I've ever done so much research in my life.  I felt like I was playing detective trying to find out all of the facts.  It turns out she was legit, so I made plans to bring her to DC from Kansas.  That was quite a trip in itself!

In order to bring Zoe to the East Coast, I had to purchase a ticket in Pet Class on Delta.  She had quite the trip.  She left her birth city and drove 3 hours to get to the airport.  Then she flew from Kansas City to Dallas.  Zoe had a two hour layover in Dallas (I was so nervous they'd forget to put her on the plane!), and then embarked on the last leg to DC.  When she got to DC, we met her in baggage claim.  One of the airline employees brought her out and she was perfect -- happy, healthy, and clean.  We weren't sure what to name her out of three names.  Upon presenting the names to the baggage handler, he said "She looks like a Zoe!"  He was right and that was her name.

Zoe is a beautiful dog with a laid back personality.  I think that's how she survived the plane ride so well.

Phoebe is a different story.  Phoebe originally lived across the street from my parents.  She was the "daughter" of a gay couple, Mike and Gerardo.  Mike flew to Chicago and back in one day to get Phoebe.  Mike and Gerardo worked everyday, so my mom would go and get Phoebe to play with Zoe during the day.  One day, they didn't call to come and get her and Phoebe stayed at our house for 5 days!!  Dad decided to walk her across the street (home) and told them that if they didn't have time to take care of her, we would take her!  They thought about it for a day or two and then she officially became ours.  This was huge news because my dad's motto was always "One wife.  One daughter.  One dog. " Now he has two dogs!  As far as I know, he doesn't have two wives or daughters. :)

Phoebe is wild and crazy and spunky.  She is the opposite of Zoe.  The drive each other crazy and are a joy to us.  We are so happy to have both of them as a part of our family.

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