Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 20: Nicknames

OK, I missed Day 19 "What I miss".  Apparently, I took that quite literally and just missed blogging the whole day!  HA! Sorry.

Today's prompt is nicknames.  Much to my mom's dismay, I have a ton of nicknames.  I think she is the only one who calls me Jessica.  More times than not, I will introduce myself as Jessica, but it never sticks these days.  You can almost tell when a person met me based on what they call me.  My pre-college friends usually refer to me as Jessica.  My friends from college and after call me Jess.

True story: A friend of mine from college called my parents land line when I was home on break.  Why they didn't call my cell phone, I don't know.  But, anyway.  They call my parents' house phone.  Mom picks up the phone.

"Hi, Is Jess there?"
"Hmmmm who?"
"Oh yeah, hold on"

My mom wasn't trying to be rude, Jess just doesn't compute in her mind.  She truly didn't know who Jess was!  She's not as bad now, but she says she can't call me Jess. She named me Jessica and that is what she will always call me.  She tries Jess and just gets tripped up and ends up adding the -ica at the end!

My dad most often calls me Jessica or JB.  He doesn't call me Jess either.  Can't do it.

One nickname I can't stand is Jessie.  I just do not like to be called Jessie.  I know plenty of Jessicas that embrace this nickname.  Not me.  No.  Never.

Other nicknames include Spark (my former boss and some of my colleagues call me this), Little B, Ethel (my best friend and I are both named Jessica, we loved "I Love Lucy" when we were young.  She is Lucy.  I am Ethel.), J-Bigs, Bigby, Blair, Crutchie, and I am sure there are a few more.

Bottom line: I rarely get called by my given name -- unless you are my mom!


  1. I have a "Lucy" in my life :) I also have a Jessica who prefers to be called Jess and feels the same way you do about Jessie!


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