20 Before 40

A list of things I want to accomplish in the next 10 years of my life....In no particular order.  Check back to see my progress.

1. Write a book

2. Learn to ski (February 2011)

3. Spend a weekend at Kiawah Island

4. Send a birthday card to all of my close friends on their birthdays (in the same year)

5. Have professional photos taken at the monuments (preferably engagement or wedding photos)

6. Cook a full Thanksgiving dinner

7. Attend the US Open (Tennis)

8. Tour wineries in Napa

9. Attend a NCAA Final Four game

10. Read through the Bible in one year

11. Go to Australia/New Zealand

12. Finish a 10K. I don't care how long it takes me.

13. Start a non-profit

14. Learn a new language (or brush up on my Spanish)

15. Go on an African safari

16. Join a boat club

17. Actually see a horse in Kentucky. ( I have been to KY 2 times and have yet to see a horse)

18. Organize the photos from my childhood. (This is a daunting task considering my mom has one box with 32 years worth of photos)

19. Have or adopt a child (or two or three)

20. Witness the Redskins win a Super Bowl (I know...I know...but I am a dreamer :) )
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