Pride and Stride

I started to make a list of 30 things to do before I turned 30, but that seemed too stressful since I only had months and not years to get there. So, instead I reflected on 30 cool accomplishments or experiences I have had in my nearly three decades of life... In no particular order.

1. Toured the Dominican Republic in a monster truck
2. Mentored high school students
3. Modeled for Nordstroms
4. Visited every state on the East Coast
5. Earned my Masters in Business Administration
6. Climbed Mt. Etna in Italy
7. Learned to play the piano
8. Earned my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification
9. Won a city wide essay contest
10. Flew in an ultralight plane...This was one of the scariest experiences of my life, but what a thrill!
11. Became fluent in Spanish...I've lost a lot of this, so it is time to hit the books or get into some language classes again!
12. Elected to the Westhampton College Leadership Court -- perhaps my proudest accomplishment
13. Had my ankles cut off 4 times...C'mon, not many people can claim this one!
14. Traveled to London by myself..This is huge for a girl afraid of escalators :(
15. Sat in floor seats at an NBA game
16. Featured in "Who's Who Among American High School Students"
17. Own a condo
18. Rented my condo to President George W. Bush's college roommate
19. Ate lunch at the top of the Eiffel Tower
20. Climbed 432 steps to the top of a castle in France...then 432 back down!
21. Toured inside Buckingham Palace
22. Rode in a hot air balloon
23. Sat on a jury...and convicted the criminal
24. Listened to oral arguments on the floor of the Supreme Court
25. Presidential Classroom
26. Attended Evensong at St. George's Chapel in Windsor, England
27. Rode a camel
28. Walked down the stairs of the Jefferson Hotel without my canes, with my dad, and hundreds of classmates cheering me on from below. Ring Dance was one of the best experiences of my life so far!
29. Moulin Rouge in Paris
30. Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall

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