About Me

Hey gang,
Thanks for stoppin’ by and checkin’ out my blog!  I’m Jessica/Jess, a thirty-something, living in Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC.  I grew up in this town and then migrated down I-95 to attend college at University of Richmond in Richmond, VA (GO SPIDERS!  Don’t make fun of us!  We are the only Spiders in the country and golly, am I proud to be a Spider!) After graduation, I moved back to Alexandria and have been living here ever since. 
I am an only child with a crazy love for my family and friends.  If you are ever looking for me, you can most likely find me cheering on my favorite sports teams, traveling the world looking for the next adventure, singing my heart out, or chowin’ down on a cupcake.  No husband (yet).   No kids (yet).  Just me!  Living and loving life in the Nation’s capital!

This blog helps me focus on the things in front of me and help me better appreciate life.  God has blessed me with an incredible life thus far and I look forward to what’s to come.  In the meantime, I would hate to constantly be on the move and miss out on the plan He has for me.  So, come along for the ride!  Get a glimpse of who I am, but allow me to learn from you too!  Say hi, comment, email or Facebook me, ask me tough questions…Let’s go! 
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