Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Unplugged Take Two

I haven't talked much about my birthday this year.  It wasn't much of a celebration, but the dinners I did have in honor of that special day were delicious and much appreciated.  I will get the photos up soon, but I am still playing around with my Adobe Photoshop.  I have this bad habit of trying to make everything perfect when I know it is possible to do so.  It started back when I was really young.  My parents said they were a bit worried because I wasn't talking when I should have been.  Turned out my speech was a little delayed, but my first three words were pickle, bracelet, and hippopotamus. Dad said I never liked to say a word until I could say it just right. There's a lot of truth to that because, to this day, it drives me crazy when people mispronounce words.  Don't worry, I don't judge you if you make a mistake (I make mistakes, too), but inside I am dying to correct the mispronunciation. I only do this with my parents. You're safe, promise.

What does this little aside have to do with my photos? Well, I just know that I can make them look better than they look right now, so I want to learn how to do that before I write a blog about them. At this point, it might be the year 2014 before I master this and I might just have to forget about trying to be perfect and just capture the memory. I am just not ready to give up just yet.

If you could see the photos, you'd see that nothing too terribly exhilarating occurred during my celebrations.  You'd definitely see that I ate a ton of cake, ice cream, ice cream cake and ice cream pie (Yeah, have I mentioned that it's a good thing that I am close with a certified diabetes educator because all of that sugar is surely not good for me.  But, I also recognize that diabetes is a serious disease that I do not want to get, so I'll post later on what I am doing to help cut down on my sugar.) There was one really exciting part of my birthday, though.

I got 14 birthday cards in the mail!!

 In this age, that is extremely rare. And it made SO happy to get handwritten wishes from friends and family members!  Don't get me wrong, the texts, Facebook messages and phone calls made my day special too. It's just an extra measure of thoughtful to send a card -- and my face lit up when something besides a bill was present in my mailbox.

Last year, I received a number of cards and set out to reciprocate the thoughtfulness. But, life happened. I sent cards, lots of cards, but only to Dude. Now, it's my turn to make YOU feel just as special as those who sent me cards made me feel. You deserve it.

Be on the lookout for mail from me around your birthday. I can't promise it will always be a legit birthday card because Hallmark is seriously lacking in their selection these days, but it will be a handwritten wish from me to you.

And, maybe one day before my next birthday, you'll see those photos....


  1. 14 cards?! That's so sweet! I haven't gotten that many probably since my 13th birthday party... because everyone had to bring one! I love your plan to send cards to people this year. I should do that too!

    1. I know. It made my birthday! I was so excited!


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