Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Have A Dream

My dad tells fascinating stories about growing up as a black man in the South during the peak of segregation.  He has story after story of being discriminated against, being relegated to the "colored" water fountain, outhouse bathroom, or dark, back door entrance to the movie theater.  His father, my grandfather who I never had the opportunity to meet, owned a construction business in North Carolina.  My grandmother and grandfather were both college educated.  My dad is college educated and his nine brothers and sisters are as well.  Even with these privileges, my dad actively experienced segregation.

He recalls listening to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech on the Mall so many years ago.  Inauguration Day is a day to set aside political bias, to celebrate democracy and freedom in America.  It is a day to be proud to be an American.  We don't have royalty in this country, but the pomp and circumstance that exists in the ceremonial transition or reinstatement of power is something to be cherished, something to be reflected upon.  While President Obama does not necessarily refer to himself as the "first African-American/Black President" as most of us who are bi-racial do not identify with one race over the other, I did find it fitting that his inauguration took place on the federal holiday that celebrates a man who worked so hard to break down the racial boundaries and to allow all of those who have a dream to fulfill it.  I can't help but think that Dr. King was smiling down from heaven as he watched the events that unfolded in my hometown. I can't help but think that Dr. King was proud knowing his efforts were surely not in vain.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream, but have I ever shared my dream with you?  Since I have been a little girl I have dreamed of being the First Lady of the United States.  My former boss always gets upset with me when I say this because she feels that I have the capability to be President.  I don't dispute that I could hold the highest office in the nation, but I don't want to.  I would much rather be First Lady.

 If I ever do claim this title, I'm certain I'd be compared to Michelle Obama.  That's OK with me.  As President Obama said at the Commander in Chief Ball, "Some may dispute the quality of the President, but nobody disputes the quality of the First Lady." We share the same birthday and both have chiseled arms. I love that she is a very active First Lady (not just in the health sense of the word) and an engaging speaker.  (She spoke at my MBA graduation) I also like that she blends affordable clothing with a few couture pieces.  Unfortunately, her "affordable" threads are starting to be outside my reach.  JCrew jacks up the prices every time she makes them famous and hefty price tags are attached to those clothes these days.  Ease up JCrew and be thankful for the increased sales.  Regardless of politics, she is a strong woman and "Mom in Chief".  I wouldn't seek the comparison, but you know how the media is, it would surely be highlighted.  I'd have big shoes to fill. 

The Obamas' dreams have come true.  Dr. King's dream has come/is coming to fruition.  I, too, have a dream.  But, First Lady of the United States or not, I sure hope my husband loves me as much as President Obama appears to love his wife.  I have a dream to be someone's First (and only!) Lady.

I'll keep you posted.....

 This is the White House made out of Legos.  Dude put this together before he died.  I will keep this as a remembrance of him, my dream, and the city/hometown I love.   SHHHH don't tell my future husband about my dream to be First Lady!!  That's way too much pressure on a man!!  If it happens, awesome.  If not, life will still be pretty sweet!!

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