Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In 2013, I wanna...

I hate making New Year resolutions, but for some reason, I feel compelled to do so every year.  I love to make lists, but never go back and look at them.  I’m not one for structure.  I like to think I am, but in reality, why should one feel the need to stick to a list?  Live a little!

Despite my natural tendencies, maybe if I make a list and put it in cyberspace someone will hold me accountable and ask me how I am doing on my resolutions?  People joke that nothing’s official until it’s on Facebook.  Well, I won’t stick to this list unless it’s on my blog.  So, here goes.

In 2013, I wanna –

* Find a way to curb my sweet tooth. It is out of control. Maybe I should start by quitting cake. Thank goodness Mike’s mom is a certified diabetes educator, but I am hoping I never have to use her services. On second thought, maybe I should enlist her now for some prevention techniques.

* Take off all of the weight I’ve gained thanks to grief indulgences and incredible stress. Twenty pounds has to be gone by April. And, no, that is not extreme weight loss.  I was 20lbs lighter 4 years ago before a 3 week trip to Italy, numerous weddings, and my obsession with cake.

* Start a foundation and/or something extraordinary in memory of Dude. We had been working on one together but it didn’t too far off the ground. So, I’m revitalizing my desire. Not sure what it will be yet, but he deserves something extraordinary so whatever comes together will be exactly that.

* Take more risks

* Find a church home

* Make 3 new friends

I'll report back, but feel free to hold me accountable.

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  1. Have done plenty of stress- and boredom-eating this year - decided to turn the car around a few days ago after looking at the scale :-/ Definitely had cupcakes today, but ... aside from special occasions ... for a month or so, I am going to be healthy! Good luck :)


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