Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Special Place

My dad and I have a tradition. I am not quite sure when it started, but it's been going strong for many years now. What is it, you ask? When my mom is out of town he and I have a daddy-daughter date at Fuddruckers. Initially, we picked the place because we both like it and my mom prefers to pass it by. Yeah, I'm not sure what's wrong with her either. So, when she's away, we always plan at least one meal there. She has been in Charlotte this week, so dad and I snagged some time to go today.

I was so excited as we approached the place. You can smell all of the goodness as soon as you walk through the door. We have it all worked out. I like the kid's meal, but if I walked up and ordered it they would laugh in my face! I look younger than 30, I know, but not young enough to get the kid's meal without being questioned or flat out denied -- at least I hope not! As soon as we walk through the door, we split. Dad heads to place the order and I scurry to find a table. My order is the same every time. A kid's meal hamburger, fries and a chocolate shake. It's the perfect size and I get a little bit of everything for $5! Oh, and how can I forget the free cookie! Normally, I forfeit my cookie to my dad because the shake is enough sugar for me, but if I decide to overindulge, then it's a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie to boot!

As I write this post, I'm a little sad. Sad because my meal is over. I don't put anything on the hamburger. It is simply wonderful just as it is. Five Guys is the big and famous hamburger chain around here. I always have to doll up a Five Guys burger. Fosters, Elevation Burger, too. Nothing holds a candle to Fuddrucker's. Those buttery buns that hold the beef patty, man they are terrible for me, but oh so good! And, the fries! No need to dunk those babies in ketchup. They are seasoned perfectly, so why mess with perfection?

I reserve Fuddrucker's for only the most special men in my life. Dad and I go there at least once a year. Dude and I have been there, too.
I've decided that when I get married I am going to request that hubs and I go there for Valentine's Day. I don't believe in spending a lot of money on that "holiday", but it is nice to do a little something fun and special. It's a pain to go out to dinner, though, because the restaurants are packed and the prices are jacked way up! Not at Fuddrucker's. The buns....the fries....the shakes....Spend $5 dollars on a kid's meal for me and he will see my face light up as if he just gave me diamonds! Ok, not quite, but pretty close!

So, if you hear about me and a man going to Fuddrucker's, you know he must be someone special. That may just be the key to my heart.

Don't worry, though, I won't turn down the diamonds!

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