Monday, November 5, 2012

The Redskins Report

It hurts to be a Redskins fan. Staying on the burgundy and gold bandwagon is a lesson in loyalty. I was full of hope when we drafted RG III and he came out and we put up 40 points against the Saints in the first game! At this point, we didn't know just how much the Saints sanctions would hurt them, but who cares, I don't think the Redskins scored a combined 40 points all season last year!! So, I had hope. And, now, at 3-6, hope has dissolved. Mad props to Robert Griffith III! He is the best thing that has happened to the team and he is not giving up despite the dreary circumstances surrounding the season! He is a class act, speaks well, is mature and just seeing him in that burgundy and gold brings a big 'ole grin to my face! HAIL!
 I know a little something about football (and I truly love the sport), but picking a fantasy team would do me in because I'd have to do too much research. Now for the rest of the team. Here is my proposed plan for the future (take it for what it is):

1. Hire a new defensive coach. Haslett has got to go!! Our defense used to be envied and now it is horrendous!

2. Get rid of both of the Shanahans! I was never comfortable with Kyle working for his dad, Mike. And, Head Coach Shanny totally ticked me off in his press conference yesterday when he basically gave up on his team. Yes, we all know the season is probably over, but don't flat out say it when you are supposed to be the leader of the team!! He is now going to evaluate the players when half the season is over....cause that will do a lot of good!

3. Let RG III have input into new coaches and players hiring decisions. That rookie works his butt off and basically plays the game by himself!! He needs to have some say in who he will be leading on the field.

4. Play catch. When I was little I went to occupational therapy for far too long, in my assessment. One of the things we worked on was eye-hand coordination. Throw the ball, catch the ball, repeat. I didn't get paid anything to do this. In fact, my parents paid for me to learn this. Our boys of Fall are getting paid millions to master this valuable skill and they are failing. Eleven dropped balls in the Pittsburgh game is atrocious! Practice the most basic skills....or get rid of the buttered popcorn snack on the sidelines because those boys have butter fingers!

5. Wipe away the whole roster except for RG III, Morris, Garcon, Kerrigan, Fletcher and Orakpo. I know our injuries are catching up with us, but really, we don't have good backups. We need some receivers that RG III can count on....and I've already discussed the defense. It isn't worth another breath!

I am dead last in my pool (when last year, I came in fourth place out of 30). The Redskins have no better a record than they did last year. But, the blow is softened because the Cowboys are 3-5!!

Hail! Here's to better days!

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