Tuesday, November 27, 2012

100 Things About Me

Many bloggers in the blog world have made a list of 100 things about themselves in honor of their 100th post. At first, I was against it because I thought it was a bit self indulgent. Then again, a blog can be self indulgent, so I threw that notion out the window and decided to take it as a challenge to come up with 100 things about myself. I tried to make it into a little story about my life. So, here they are....

1.    I was born 3.5 months early
2.    I weighed only 2lbs
3.    I am an only child
4.    I would have preferred to have my birthday in April instead of January
5.    My parents weren’t prepared for my arrival – at all. Nothing was ready.
6.    I like to keep people on their toes ;-)
7.    I wasn’t named for a few days  because I had little chance of survival
8.    My parents named me after the news anchor/tv show character they were watching after my birth (Jessica Savage, a newscaster, and “Blair” from “The Facts of Life”)
9.    I had a stroke about 6 weeks after I was born.
10.    That’s why I have Cerebral Palsy
11.    I was baptized in my parent’s house.
12.    They were married there, too.
13.    I was born with hair ALL over my body (gross!) It was so much that my mom screamed “Oh my God! I gave birth to a monkey!"….true story. Thanks mom.
14.    Then lost it all and didn’t get any hair on my head until I was 2 years old! Lots of pink bows and dresses on this little baby!
15.    That might be when my obsession with dresses began.
16.    I hardly ever wear pants
17.    I have to dress up if I really want to focus
18.    I think some of it has to do with my private school upbringing. We had a dress code.
19.    I love pedicures, but hate when people touch my feet.
20.    I have a sunglass fetish, but really just wear the same pair all of the time.
21.    My biggest pet peeve is when people put things other than cups in cup holders
22.    Or they smack their food
23.    I am not at all patient with myself
24.    My life revolves around faith,
25.    Family,
26.    Friends,
27.    Football
28.    I was baptized Episcopalian
29.    Confirmed Methodist
30.    Attended a Presbyterian church in college
31.    Went to a non-denominational church after college
32.    Now Dad and I go to a Baptist church
33.    God is God. It’s the relationship that’s important not the denomination!
34.    I suffer through being a Redskins fan
35.    It’s a lesson in loyalty. I am very loyal.
36.    I also love college basketball
37.    And tennis
38.    I like to go to baseball games, but am not likely to sit down and watch a game on tv – except the Nationals vs the Cardinals in the Championship Series this year --- hate the Cards
39.    I can take or leave hockey. Just call me if there is a fight!
40.    I managed volleyball, basketball and lacrosse in high school.
41.    University of Richmond was truly the perfect school for me. GO SPIDERS!
42.    I feel closest to God at the beach
43.    My favorite food is mashed potatoes
44.    Or ice cream
45.    Or anything Italian
46.    Or Mexican
47.    Or snow cones at SnoBeach in Austin, TX
48.    Or Sarris chocolate covered pretzels
49.    I have a ginormous sweet tooth, but like vegetables a lot, too.
50.    I have tasted cupcakes in 4 different countries/3 continents
51.    I took piano for 8 years when I was a little girl. I was actually pretty good, but hated it.
52.    I always wanted to play the clarinet instead.
53.    I took tap dance lessons
54.    I had a solo in the middle of the mall
55.    I took gymnastics, too
56.    And horseback riding
57.     Singing is probably my favorite thing to do
58.    I was co-lead angel in the church Christmas pageant far too many times
59.    I would rather listen to music than watch tv
60.    Country music is my favorite
61.    I don’t have a favorite musical artist.
62.    Rap, hip-hop and heavy metal will never be on my Ipod.
63.    I could not live if I wasn’t able to travel.
64.    There are  over 100 places I want to visit
65.    Italy is my favorite place I have traveled thus far
66.    Riding an elephant in Thailand was one of the coolest experiences of my life
67.    A hot air balloon ride was a close second
68.    Eating fried insects was gross
69.    Skydiving would be such a thrill
70.    Rice cake and peanut butter is a favorite snack
71.    Chips and salsa, too
72.    And SkinnyCow ice cream sandwiches
73.    Camping is not for me, but a bonfire with s’mores and storytelling….oh yes!
74.    Anything with water is right up my alley
75.    Sailing
76.    Jet-skiing
77.    Swimming
78.    Not scuba diving, though. I am afraid I won’t come up from down there
79.    I am a morning person
80.    I usually am ready to go to bed or asleep by 10pm
81.    I can’t stay up late even if I am having a good time – my body just shuts down
82.    I have had 17 surgeries
83.    1 on my spine
84.    2 for my ears
85.    3 for my eyes
86.    4 times my ankles have been cut off on purpose and then put back on
87.    The rest of the surgeries have been for other orthopedic improvements
88.    I wouldn’t be where I am today without my surgeries
89.    I hope I don’t have to have anymore, but you never know.
90.    I have had surgery in California, Minnesota, DC and Virginia
91.    I consider myself a moderate when it comes to politics, but most people would say I lean slightly to the right.
92.    I am looking forward to starting a foundation.
93.    Summer is my favorite season.
94.    I can’t stand to wear shorts.
95.    I am undecided as to whether purple or red is my favorite color.
96.    Cottage cheese is absolutely disgusting!
97.    I would love to find my “champion” and be married with a family someday.
98.    I always get nervous about things, but
99.    I know God has a plan
100. And it is good.

And just one more because it’s cool!

101.    My dad flew on Air Force One.


  1. That was a lot of fun to read Jess! Thanks for sharing :-) I might have to do one just for myself to see what I can come up with. 100 things seems like a lot!

    1. It took me awhile. I started this about 2 months ago when I saw someone else do it. I didn't think I'd be able to do it, but if you think of it as telling a story about your life instead of just 100 random things, it comes together. Go for it!


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