Sunday, October 7, 2012

Signs you're grieving

You know you're grieving when....

1. You have to ask someone to repeat something 5 times because you can't, for the life of you, process what they are saying even if it is a simple as "What is your name?"

2. You find your keys in the refrigerator

3. You try to use your cell phone to turn on the TV. You wonder why that doesn't work, but finally find the remote control. You try to use that, but it doesn't work either. The TV cabinet is closed.

4. You discuss which brand of tissues have the best absorbency

5. You get so caught up in a conversation with a fellow griever, you completely forget to eat dinner.

6. Your friend, who has no relation to the tragedy, sends you an email about GriefShare and you write back "OH MY GOSH! THIS IS AWESOME!"

7. You discuss with your friends how long it's been since you've cried. The person who has gone the longest without tears feels like they've earned some sort of badge of honor.

8. Your non-grieving friends tell you to watch Matthew Perry's new show "Go On" because it's a knee-slapper! You do, and realize you are laughing at yourself!

9. You/your friend sends a sappy text message to Mike's cell phone only to realize later that he didn't get it, but someone else probably did.

10. Your mind is

But, through it all, you realize how much you are loved and are immensely thankful that your friends and family tolerate your crazy behavior.


  1. I heard the song "Still Down Here" by Lori McKenna today and thought of you. (Which I get is a little weird since we only know each other on the blogs, but you get the idea.) Anyway, I have never experienced what you are going through, but I am sending so many good thoughts your way.

    1. Katie, thanks. I listened to it, really enjoyed it and could totally relate to it. Thanks for passing it along. I like music a whole lot. And, yes, if I lived closer to you and met you in real life,based on your blog and interests, I'd feel like we'd be good friends. Is that weird to say? Maybe, but that's what's fun about blogging. You get to record your life and "meet" all sorts of people! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I need them :)


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