Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lovin' You Is FUN!

Six months ago, you left the world and broke my heart. Coulda, shoulda, woulda is pointless because it doesn't change anything. So, instead here are some of my favorite memories with you. Remember....

  • The "first day" you met me, you pat me on the back, I jumped and spilled my drink ALL over my desk, papers, and maybe even you!
  • UR playing in the NCAAs and we missed the bus to my social because we were so into the game. So, we went to Taco Bell and then Barnes and Noble and sat on the floor paging through travel books
  • All of our crazy DG and APO socials. And, yes, DGs always will be the "damn gorgeous girls you bring home to your momma"
  • Hurricane Isabelle -- you had to call my mom to convince her that I needed to come home, we cruised to the gas station on fumes and rocked out to sweet tunes all the way home -- "One more round of Jose Cuervo"
  • Sleep talking. Puhleease, there is no way I said I had a crush on Justin Bieber! And, look who's talkin'! You're famous for "Meanwhile back at the ranch..."
  • Going out to dinner with our parents - You ordered the most expensive thing on the menu thinking your dad was going to pick up the tab. My dad grabbed the bill and you are forever known as the "big spender" in my family!
  • Our college reunions --  Thanks for saving the sprinklers from ruining our dinner!
  • "King James" and "Wear your pants"
  • Prior to your law school graduation, I proudly proclaimed to your family that you were going to win "Most Outstanding Student". Nobody believed me and then when you won, they all thought I had some insider knowledge. No way! I just knew you and that there was nobody else more deserving. Your mom was so proud of her "Mikey".
  • Surprises!
  • Your 29th birthday weekend in Pittsburgh
  • The time the Redskins beat the Steelers 
  • Praying together for your healing
  • Your last words to me.
I've got some big ideas to keep your spirit alive! I can't wait to get to work on them!


Lovin' you is fun!

xoxo, JB

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