Thursday, October 18, 2012

#17: Just say NO to drugs

This is as much a public service announcement as it is a recap of my seventeenth surgery.


If I had done this, I would not be laying on the couch in pain right now. Drugs are tricky. They make you feel awesome and take away the pain, but as soon as you start to wean yourself off of them, they can wreak havoc on your body. I'm a prime example. I'll spare you all of the details, but don't take narcotics unless you absolutely need them! Ok, now, I'll get off my soapbox.
    I was dreading this surgery because it was annoyingly simple. All the doctor did was remove one screw from my foot. I tried to negotiate to remove all three, but he is the boss when I am under anesthesia. So, one was all that was removed, and yes, I got to keep it! I added it to my hardware collection. 
Dr. Garrett explained to my parents that the surgery would either take 10 minutes or 45 minutes. It ended up taking 45 minutes because he had trouble getting the screw out. It was in there pretty good. Since the surgery was pretty short, I was asleep, but I must have been in some sort of lala land. The nurses commented that I came out of the operating room talking (Shock a rock!), but wouldn't cooperate when they were trying to get my to do things. I'm normally a good patient, so I don't know what that was all about. Apparently, I wasn't all that cooperative when I was awake either hence this photo:
My parents said I told them to take this picture, but I seem to be protesting! After getting some hives and dizziness under control and receiving my surprising discharge instructions (full weight bearing, no restrictions! This is a change because originally he said no wieght-bearing for a week.), we headed home.
Recovery at home hasn't been so bad thanks to my wonderful friends who know just how to make me smile! I love surprises, and boy, have I been treated to many! Whether it was Julia and Dana coming over to bring me lunch and fresh apple muffins, Dorcey convincing my mom that it really was OK for me to have the pain medicine while she balanced cupcakes, sweet potato chips and cider in her arms, or the many cards, phone calls and messages I received, I am one blessed lady. It is not often that I have surgery at home (normally in Minnesota or California) and y'all make it such a treat for me!
Look at all of the pretties:
A sunshine basket that sweet Jen has been collecting since Mike passed away and thought now would be the perfect time to give it to me! I've had fun with all of those goodies

This cupcake ornament is just one of many things in a big 'ole honking care package from Kerry and Todd! Kerry was the only benefit to having surgery in Minnesota because she lives there. My parents always appreciated the relief she provided them.

My parents friends knew what was up by giving me these socks! I have an unattractive bootlet that will be made prettier with these fancy things on my toes!

And, the dark, uncomfortable times are made that much brighter when you get to sit next to these three beauties! (Friends hand delivered these beauties so that was double the fun!)

Today, I peeled 3/4 of my hair from one side of my head (tip: don't go 5 days without brushing your hair. It WILL stick to the side of your head!), put on some real clothes and went to the doctor. Con: He said I might feel sick for a few more days because of the side effects of the Percocet. PRO: My stitches are out, my bandage is off, and tomorrow I can take a real shower! OH HAPPY DAY!
I'd intended to go back to work on Tuesday, but my drugs had other plans for me. I'm calling it a week and I'll be back to work (and the LSAT) on Monday. I did learn two interesting tidbits of information today: 1. Your brain is not fully developed until you are 25 years of age and 2. There is no silverware in prison. This prisoner said you eat with your hands. Thank you to daytime TV for that new knowledge.

Most of all, THANK YOU to all of you for your kindness. You are wonderful and I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the love and support you have shown me.

I'll be back in two cute shoes soon....

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