Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 in '12

I'm very good at making lists and then putting them to the side and never looking at them again. I make a list for the sake of making a list, not because I will actually refer to the list later to see if everything on it has been accomplished. So, here we are, the first day of a new year and what am I doing -- making a list! Six things I am looking forward to in 2012; six things I resolve to do in 2012. The hope is that I can't lose this electronic list and more importantly, my blog fans (Do I have any?) will help keep me accountable.

Looking forward to...
1. Being 30! I am so hopeful for my 30th year and this new decade in my life!

2. Thailand. My family and I are vacationing there in February. We have never been to Asia. Despite the 23 hour flight, I am psyched to explore this part of the world.

3. Being with my teammate for life. That's what I call my future husband. Even-numbered years have always been great years for me, so I expect to be in a long-term relationship by the end of the year.

4. Advancing my career. I am not exactly sure what this will look like, but it's time for me to look out for myself professionally.

5. Moving back into my condo. As soon as I am fully recovered from my surgery, back to Old Town I will go!

6. Making improvements in my condo. My tenant did some damage. Instead of being upset, I am looking at it as an opportunity to freshen things up and make it my place again. 

I resolve to...
1. Find a church home. I'm been "church shopping" for a little while now and this year I want to find a place that I can call my church home.

2. Have more consistent quiet times: I love to talk to God, but reading and studying the Bible often gets pushed aside for other less important activities.

3. Do more cardio at the gym. At least 2 times per week

4. Lay the groundwork for my foundation. In 2011, I got some good leads but got really overwhelmed by all that is involved in starting a foundation. In 2012, I resolve to take it one step at a time.
5. Be more organized. I hate clutter. I feel like my room at my parents' house and part of my condo is a disaster thanks to clutter. No more.

6. Be more comfortable being alone. I love having my own place, but I am terrible at making time for being by myself. Alone time is just as important as being in community. I can't shy away from it.

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