Monday, March 21, 2011

SWEET (16) Weekend

I write this post as I lazily lay on the couch with three IcyHot patches on my back and a glass of wine in my hand.  Why?  I am sore.  SO sore. 

Saturday in Vermont was bright, clear and beautiful.  In fact, Saturday, March 19, was a SUPER Saturday.  Not only did I have a full day of adaptive skiing ahead of me, but my Richmond Spiders would hit the court in Denver at 5:25pm.  A win guaranteed a spot in the Sweet Sixteen!  I had high expectations for this day and it did not disappoint.

As I entered the ski lodge at Pico Mountain, it felt familiar.  I felt confident.  I had been skiing here a few weeks before and knew exactly what to expect.  I bundled up in my ski gear;  my favorite instructor, John, was waiting for me, and I was hopeful that I could remember my new-found bi-ski skills.  It took just a little while to get the outriggers and the bi-ski skis adjusted and off to the lift we went.  We bypassed the bunny slope this time and went straight to the blue runs!

Straight to the blue?  From the little I now know about skiing, the trails are in this order of difficulty:  bunny, green, blue, black, double black.  Straight to the blue?   That's the third most difficult.  Am I really going to be able to do this?  The first time I went skiing there was this awesome, fresh powder.  This time the slopes were very slippery.  Straight to the blue.  Here goes nothin'!  Thank goodness John is right behind me!

That's us on the lift

 John and I exited the lift and began our descent down the slope.  "Sharp left!  Sharp right! Sharp left!  Sharp right!"  John yelled instructions to me and down the slope we were heading at a rapid pace!  My outriggers were on the ground just as they were supposed to be, my arms outstretched, and I was slicing through the snow (or ice).  At times, we were smokin' down that mountain!  "HOLY.....OH BOY!" crossed my mind as I was simultaneously thrilled and scared to death.

"Beautiful run!  Perfect!" John congratulates me at the bottom of the mountain.

"Let's go again!",  I proudly proclaimed.

I was really skiing!  It was exciting!  It was thrilling!  Over the course of the day, we did a number of runs.   By the end, my skills had drastically improved and I felt like a real skier.  John took a video.  I don't have it yet, but here are a few pictures of us getting ready to head down.

Count that as a successful day on the slopes.  Now back to the hotel to cheer for the Spiders' success on the hardwood.

Our hotel room TV left much to be desired.  It was small.  The picture was blurry.  We could barely see the TV from the dresser it was situated on.  Brad unfolded the luggage rack and placed the TV on there in an attempt to bring it a little closer.  Our less than ideal circumstances did not stop us from rowdily cheering on our favorite basketball team to a decisive victory over Morehead State! 

SWEET SIXTEEN!  First time since 1988!  The SPIDERS are going to the SWEET SIXTEEN!

After a night of sweet (16) dreams, Brad and I woke up and headed out for some delicious pancakes.  Upon arriving back in Boston, we met up with Kristen and Marci, two of my favorite Bostonian Spiders.  I caught up with them before boarding the plane back to DC.

Notice how they are dressed and how I am bundled!  I am from VA.  I can't take the cold!

Every joint and muscle on my left side hurts.  My body reeks of menthol.  I've used up every ounce of hot water in the house soaking in the tub trying to ease the aches and pains.

But it was all so worth it.

Success on the slopes.  Spiders' success on the basketball court.  Cherished time with wonderful friends.  It was totally worth it.

A wonderful way to end winter and usher in spring, if you ask me.

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