Thursday, March 17, 2011


Looking forward to the matchup, I skipped out of work early today to race home and catch the big game:  Richmond Spiders vs Vanderbilt Commodores. I felt like both of the teams were fairly even and this was going to be a great game.  The game got underway and my initial excitement started to fizzle.  The Spiders were not playing up to par and Vanderbilt was gaining a double digit lead.  Uh oh!  We play well as a team, but Vandy has the number one scorer in the SEC.  Grrrreat....  Harper, our NBA prospect, was pretty useless in the scoring department.  The Spiders seemed to run away from the ball as soon as it left their hands.  "BOX OUT!  CRASH THE BOARDS! GET THE REBOUND!" I repeatedly yelled, but it was obvious they couldn't hear me through the TV because the same pattern continued throughout the half.

The two competitors entered the court to start the second half and my initial excitement returned.  Typically, the Spiders are better in the second half so I had hope.  Despite what I had assumed, the team in the blue DID hear my admonishments regarding rebounds. They had this beautiful sequence where they must have had about 7 offensive rebounds. 

The last five minutes felt like a ping pong match!  Back and forth, back and forth.  A foul, a missed free throw, a BAD call that resulted in a Vandy point on the charity stripe....missed baskets...made 3 pointers....the score crept closer and closer.  MY HEART BEAT FASTER AND FASTER (It's never good when you can literally feel your heart pounding in your chest).  I raced back and forth to the bathroom during the commercials because I was so nervous.  My phone blew up with text messages from fellow Spiders freaking out over what was happening right before our eyes!  I thought I might throw up.... have a heart attack.  But all the while I was filled with excitement.  Filled with pride.  Filled with hope that for the first time since I have been a Spider fan we would advance to the second round.  With 2.5 seconds left on the clock, we grabbed the ball and VICTORY was ours!!  Not only did the lower seed dethrone the higher seed, but the team that won was MY team!  The University of Richmond Spiders....the little school that could!     


Now, I have a decision to make.  Tomorrow, I fly to Killington, VT to get in one last skiing adventure before the end of the season.  The Spiders play on Saturday -- the same day I have a full day of skiing planned.  I sure hope my instructor is flexible because depending on the time we play, skiing may be cut short.  Without a doubt, I will be in front of the tv when the Spiders take the court in Denver once again.

Did I mention we will be up against Morehead State instead of Louisville? 


We are. UR.  GOOOO SPIDERS.  I am SO proud!

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