Sunday, March 27, 2011

The only exciting thing about March

For the last few weeks, March Madness has taken over my life.  This sports fan loves watching 68 teams battle it out on the hardwood.  College basketball is one my favorite sports because of the heart and enthusiasm for the game that is displayed on the court.  It's exciting!  The players hustle, they crash the boards, they celebrate wildly when they knock off a team that was expected to claim the victory!  It's March in college basketball.  Anything can happen!  The athletes are playing with heart, playing with school pride....some are even playing for a shot at the pros.

My bracket is trashed!  But, that's OK.  No money lost.  A lot of pride gained.  While it was disappointing to watch the Richmond Spiders lose so badly to Kansas on Friday night, the boys in red had an awesome season.  I always have been and always will be proud to be a Spider!  How about VCU?  The Rams were not even supposed to be in the tourney and have now positioned themselves to potentially knock off the predicted champions!  Pride would swell in my heart once again if the other team from the 804 moved on to Houston, TX!  This is what makes March Madness all that it is!  You just never know what is going to happen!

I'm really thankful to have the excitement of college basketball in the month of March.  With or without the NCAA tournament, March is my least favorite month.  It is a transition month. Meteorologically, winter ends and spring begins.  We are teased with a beautiful and sunny 76 degree day and taunted with snow the next day.  The daffodils show their pretty blossoms, but temporarily wilt and hide thanks to the layer of frost that blankets them.  There are no Federal holidays in March.  Daylight Savings Time requires that I lose an hour of sleep.  March teases me.  The month makes me wait with anticipation of what is to come.  I find it difficult to wait.  Thank goodness March Madness motivates and energizes me.  The excitement associated with the tournament holds me over until the days of flowers blooming, flip-flops flopping, and the sun's warmth give me yet another reason to cheer.        

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