Monday, March 28, 2011

Some things never change

Despite the meteorologist warning that snow is on the way, my mom decided to switch her clothes for the new season.  She made room for the spring clothes to drape the hangers and brighten up the dark hole that is her closet.  When my mom and I undertake the bi-annual garment switcheroo, we can't just exchange the fall/winter clothes for the spring/summer clothes or vice versa.  We have to clean everything in the closet.  In doing so, my mom found this: ( I tried to insert the pdf of this paper, but couldn't figure out how to do it so here it is typed just as I wrote it)

                                                            I'm like my parents

I think I'm like both of my parents. I inherit alot from both of my parents them. ^But I am more like my mom. I have the same color hair as she does. I like to go shopping just like my mom. I also like to spend money just like my mom.  I'm just like my mom at Christmas I always want to open all of my presents that are under the tree but unfortunatly Ican't.  What a bummer!!  I love birthdays so does my mom.
      There are some differences about my mom and I. I love to party and my mom doesn't like too that much. I love to eat she can't believe how much I eat! Sometimes we get into fights but we both love each other!
                                                    Jessica Bigby  December 13, 1991 Draft

At age 9 or 29, this is a pretty accurate picture of who I am.  Some things never change.

Thank goodness the seasons do though, so we could find this, reflect, and have a good laugh!

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