Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Happy birthday to the man who

  • was loyal, genuine, loving, funny, kind, thoughtful, and creative
  • had a smile that could light up the whole world
  • mastered the art of winking (he'd laugh at my attempts)
  • put others before himself
  • had google skills that were a force to be reckoned with -- no wonder he started off as an attorney doing electronic discovery!
  • started his workday mornings off with an iced chai
  • had a heart for helping the less fortunate
  • was the definition of a servant leader
  • was fearless and loved the time he went skydiving
  • could make a mean Fatigati lasagna, but was known to pass Stauffers off as the family recipe
  • was a sleep walker and still has all of us laughing at his late night shenanigans
  • had been known to rock out to Katy Perry and the Grease soundtrack (and would kill me if he knew I just divulged that in a public forum!)
  • had enviable dance moves
  • always got blamed for eating the last of everything because, well, he did!
  • never put the toilet seat down
  • enjoyed sending surprises
  • would never pass up a cannoli, a DQ cookies and cream blizzard, cookie cake or a frosty
  • liked parties
  • loved camping, kayaking, golf, and bowling
  • hated sleeping on air mattresses. the floor was perfectly comfortable to him.
  • traveled and studied all over the world
  • was never on time
  • would just show up in Big Blue -- you could see him coming from miles away!
  • bled black and gold
  • wouldn't think twice about opening up his wallet and giving money to the poor -- he was always generous in donating to good causes or organizations important to him
  • was prom king, class president, and most outstanding student in his law school class. he was most deserving of these titles
  • loved anything Italian -- the food, the country, the language, his relatives, his dual citizenship
  • influenced so many in his short time here with his love for Jesus, his family and his friends
  • was my very best friend and will be missed and loved forever
Michael James Clements
September 5, 1981 - April 3, 2012

I love you to heaven and back, JB

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