Monday, September 24, 2012

Are you there?

Ever since you've died, I've become more and more interested in heaven. I've studied Revelation in small group and know that heaven is even more amazing than I can imagine. I certainly wish you were still down here, but I know you must be having a blast up there! After your death, two of my friends gave me the book Heaven is for Real. It is about this 3 year old boy who while having surgery goes to heaven for a short period of time. Months later, he starts recalling all of the details to his parents. His parents are shocked at what they are hearing and verify the details they can in the Bible. The book recounts his visit. I tore through that bad boy in a matter of hours! Your mom read it, too, and sometimes we discuss it together. Now, I know it could all be sensational and I could be a sucker. I won't know til I get to see you again. In the meantime,  it brings me great comfort to imagine you sitting in Jesus' lap, looking down on all of us and watching Jesus answer our prayers.

What's it like to hang out with Jesus? Do you echo my prayers into his ears? If so, I could really use some help with the LSAT. I tell the Big Man everyday, but it'd be nice to have some backup!! And, how 'bout the Nats!! Whoa, Dude! And, the Pirates, too. The Redskins and Steelers could use some divine intervention, Dude. Things aren't going so well and I know how much you loved football.

Do you see me? Can you see me when I cry? Sometimes I start to cry and then all of a sudden stop. I get a little annoyed because I wasn't ready to stop, but I remember you want me to be happy. You used to get such a sad look on your face when I would cry. You loved to smile and loved for me to show my smile, too. Is that you and Jesus halting those tears?

I miss your touch, but sometimes it feels like you are so close. Are you? I like to think you are. My questions won't have definitive answers til I am where you are, but this poem will satisfy for now.

A Gift from Heaven

I am with you always
I live in your heart
I speak to your soul
We are not far apart

When you feel a light breeze
Hear the songs the birds sing
Know that I see every smile
Your kindness can bring

I see you building your dreams
With wisdom and grace
And asking His guidance
With each challenge you face

I am more than a memory
You will feel our love grow
I am forever your angel
Some things you just know

Please tell me your thoughts
Your hopes and your fears
And know that through faith
He will heal all your tears

For today, I can share
That in Heaven above
God has taken my hand
I am complete, I am love.

Your voice is in my head. Your smile in my heart. I know we aren't really that far apart. I wait patiently for the day I will see you again. I've much to do here, but I know you are near.

Hey, look I'm a poet and didn't even know it! HA!  Stay close.

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