Monday, September 3, 2012

Better Luck next time - HTTR!

Thanks to the generosity of my parents' neighbors, my dad and I were in attendance for the big match-up -- Luck vs. RG3, the top two draft picks, the Indianapolis Colts vs the Washington Redskins. As it turns out, a good group of people from my dad's office were also going to the game and invited us to tailgate with them. We had such a blast - and the Skins won!!

We tailgated next to this guy.

 Redskins fans are serious. We have lots of pride. It hurts to be a fan most of the time, but we don't give up!
 Rain or shine, we are out there cheering for the burgundy and gold! And, we sure don't let some rain ruin our tailgate.
 Don invited a Cowboy fan to the game. He said he wanted to take her to see a winning team!  He got a little confused for a moment. HA!
 We all work together. Well, actually they are work in my dad's office and mine is just around the corner. I come and hang out sometimes because their digs are way more fun than mine!
 After filling up on hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausage we went in to watch the game.

Below are the marching band and the "First ladies of football". I think we are the only team with a marching band and I love when they play our fight song!

 A bunch of these guys are about to get cut, including Cooley and Hightower! Disgruntled fan right here! I didn't even get to wear my Hightower jersey yet!
 There he is, ladies and gentleman, the man we hope holds the key to some success!! RG3!!

 Hail to the Redskins, Hail victory!
Braves on the warpath, fight for old DC
Run or pass and score -- we want a lot more!
Beat 'em, Swamp 'em, TOUCHDOWN
Let the points soar!
Fight on, fight on, til you have won
Sons of Washington
Rah, Rah, Rah
Hail to the Redskins!
Hail Victory
Braves on the Warpath
FIGHT for old DC!!

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