Saturday, August 18, 2012

To my godmother


I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to you on Friday night. Had I had the opportunity, this is what I would have said to you. My mom and dad came back from visiting with you and said your eyes were as beautiful as ever and your smile lit up the room. I don't doubt it.

I will always remember looking like the most stylish kid on the block thanks to hand-me-downs from Katie. Thanks for buying "us" such fashionable clothes.

One of the best New Year's Eve's was spent at your house. As soon as the clock tolled midnight, you got out the pots and pans and starting banging on them to ring in the new year!! Then you gave each of us party hats and noisemakers and we all made quite a raucous! I'm pretty sure my dad and Jeff were thoroughly embarrassed at the shenanigans, but you were life of the party! For years after that (and even now), I remind my parents just how boring they are sometimes and that we should celebrate the way you do.  From now on, I might have to bang some pots and pans just for you!

In addition to being my godmother, you and Jeff were my legal guardians. When things seemed "rough" and unfair over here on Cambridge Road, I proudly proclaimed that I was going to go live with you guys! Life was surely going to be fun over on Brian Jac Lane.  You traveled to fun places, had Laddy (We have had two Westies thanks to Laddy), and when we went out to dinner at the Chinese restaurant with y'all, all of the kids got the pupu platter! Sweet! Except the snakes....OH the snakes....I wouldn't "welcome" them as you all did.

I still remember the last time I saw you. You, Jeff, my parents and I went out to dinner at Reston Town Center and we just had a great time. This weekend has been a wonderful opportunity to see Katie and Matt. It has been a long time since we got to spend time together, but I hope we get more fun opportunities in the future.

At your funeral today, (It was such a beautiful tribute to you) the minister talked about how you really liked the verses about Jesus preparing a room for you in His house. Even though I threatened to run away to Brian Jac Lane on many occasions, I never moved in. It's different now, Linda. The next time I see you, I will get to live with you --- in our forever home.

Just one question -- Do they have pupu platters in heaven?

We all love you and will miss you dearly.



  1. What a beautiful letter! Thank you for sharing. This especially broke my heart because I lost my own godmother, Linda, two years ago. But you are right, we will meet again, and there will be no goodbyes then.

    1. Thanks, the reunion will be so sweet :)
      PS: I love your blog.


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