Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New York, New York

A few weeks ago,  Kathryn and I escaped life in the big city to head up 95 to an even bigger city. Normally, we take the bus or the train to NYC, but this year, Kathryn was brave and decided that we should drive. I have to say it was a really good decision. I assumed the job of navigator and EasyPass holder as we scooted up the highway on our way to Manhattan.  At least, we thought we were going to Manhattan. One of the items on our agenda was to go see the musical, "Newsies". I had never heard of Newsies, but Kathryn is a true fan. This would be the third time she has seen the show and I was thrilled at the opportunity of seeing something Kathryn loved so much with her. In preparation for our big night at the theatre, the Newsies soundtrack was on endless repeat in the car. Seriously, we probably listened to that soundtrack 6 times on the drive up and back! Several times, the lyrics mention Brooklyn. Since we had a car this time, the two of us thought it would be fun to cross the bridge and spend some time in BK on Sunday. No sooner do we make this decision and my phone rings. On the other end is the hotel saying they overbooked our hotel and are moving us to Brooklyn! Brooklyn? We just wanted to go explore on Sunday before heading out. No need to stay there for the weekend! After going back and forth on the phone for a bit, I lost, and we were redirected to BK. The snag in the plan didn't cramp our style. Off we went...

to eat some serious, finger lickin' good fried chicken and pimiento mac and cheese. My Carolina born and bred Dad would be so proud! I will definitely be returning to Hill Country Chicken. Talk about goodness!

Then we shopped and shopped for some really good bargains. Yes, it is possible to get chic fashion at low prices in NYC. Kathryn and I scored some good finds, but there's no photographic evidence for a reason ;-)!

After a stop at Pinkberry (Yes, we ate again. Kathryn is a girl after my own heart!), we trekked back to our hotel to get ready for the main attraction....
NEWSIES! I wish I was allowed to take photos in the theatre (We got yelled at for trying to sneak a few!) because Kathryn's face was priceless and heartwarming as she watched the show with such delight! As a newcomer to this craze, I wholeheartedly enjoyed the show and would definitely see it again!

After the show, we waited in anticipation for the actors to come out and greet the crowd.

Look at that mayhem! Feeling a little bit like a teeny bopper at a Justin Bieber concert, I not-so-secretly enjoyed pushing my playbill in front of the actors for autographs.
They were so gracious and humble -- except for Crutchie. We were in the subway with him and he blew passed me as I was slowly going down the stairs. The nerve!

On Sunday, we kept our original plan and had brunch in what had been "our 'hood" for the night - Brooklyn! Stuffed from pecan pie french toast (yes, please!) and pancakes, we rolled on home happy. I am so thankful for Kathryn and the fun that we always have together!

Until we see you again, NYC....


  1. Good times, good food! How fun.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time! I would love to be able to take a weekend trip to New York, but it's just a little too far for all that!


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