Thursday, April 19, 2012


Boy, do I have a lot of questions! That's what happens when you lose the one you love so deeply, so tragically. Unfortunately, I may never have the answers to my questions. The two men who hold all of the answers, Mike and Jesus, are hanging out together in heaven. Without question, though, Mike lived a life that glorified Jesus and I will continue to live my life to glorify God and carry Mike's spirit and smile in my heart forever.

During my blog absence, my friend, Kathryn participated in a little fun going on in the blog world by answering 11 questions presented to her by a fellow blogger. You are supposed to answer them in a vlog. That's a video-blog for those thinking I can't spell. Well, let me tell you, when you have "bags that could carry a month's worth of groceries" under your eyes, tear stained cheeks, and absolutely no energy to carry on a seemingly unnecessary conversation, a vlog ain't happenin'! I do make every effort to smile, though, because Mike had a smile that could light up the whole world and he would want me to smile immeasurably more than I cry.

Ok, back to the questions. So, I am not following the rules Kathryn posted ( See, sometimes I am a rule breaker!), but I did want to have a little fun answering the questions she asked.

Now, my eleven questions aaaaaaaare….
1} Are you a freak morning person or a night owl?
 Hands down, a morning person! I get to work at 6:30am. My brain shuts down around 4pm. I struggle to stay up past 10pm. It's sad....really.....but oh well.

2} What’s the best road trip you’ve ever taken?
 Mike and I drove to Tom's River, NJ to our first annual college reunion. We stopped for Mexican food before we hit the road. Any trip that starts with Mexican food or Chick Fil-A is sure to please no matter what happens after that! We rocked out to some sweet tunes, had never-ending conversation, got the a rifle range (Yeah, just don't ask any questions)...went in circles because I am navigationally challenged and we didn't have a GPS, fought a little, quickly made up, ended up at our destination super late but safe, had a blast and came home with many stories to tell!

3} What was your first car?
A 1997 silver Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. Our good family friend, Paula, worked in the Chrysler lobbying office and all of the employees get company cars to drive. She got to order the cars and asked me about a year before I turned 16 what my dream car would be. I gave her all the specs without knowing she would place an order. One of the employees drove it for awhile and then wanted to turn it in for a new one. Sometimes the company cars will go to a local dealership for sale. That's exactly what happened and guess who zipped around in "The Silver Bullet" until it conked out in the middle of the road 5 years ago!

4} What’s your favorite day of the week, and why?
It used to be Tuesday. It's not anymore for a variety of reasons. I have yet to figure out a replacement. Maybe Saturday, but I really have no reason to claim that day as a favorite. 

5} What bad habit of other people’s is most annoying to you?
Smacking. When I express my irritation towards this habit, people tell me their food tastes better if they smack it. I guarantee you it doesn't. And, I promise your loud mouth noises are ruining my dining experience, interfering with my ability to enjoy my food. Can you tell I'm annoyed?

6} If someone made a movie of your life, who would play present-day you?
Let's just go all out and say Halle Berry! A girl can dream, right?

7} What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
HA! The very first day of my first professional job out of college I received a very important task. Sorting candy. Hershey's miniatures, to be exact. I was asked to sort the Hershey bars, from the Mr. Goodbars, from the Krackle, from the Special Dark and place them in separate bowls. Bags and bags of candy.  I am not kidding. The nickname "Candy Girl" followed me for quite some time. The job eventually got more substantive and was an important step to my success today, but I still cringe when I look at a bag of Hershey's miniatures!

8} Obama or Romney?  Just kidding—don’t answer that. Answer this:Team Gale or Team Peeta?
I am embarrassed to tell you I have no idea how to answer this. I haven't jumped on "The Hunger Games" bandwagon. I haven't even just skipped the books and gone straight to the movie. So, I have no idea. Now, I could answer the question Kathryn said not to answer, but I won't. I will point you to my post on elephants, though, because they're really cool and were the highlight of my trip to Thailand!

9} What would you consider the most important event in your life so far?
Graduating from college. My time spent at University of Richmond prepared me so well for the real world. I am truly a better person because of the experience. I attribute my success to the opportunities I was given in college. The bonds of friendship are also unparallelled and I look forward to continuing to share life with my Spiders. Graduation was a gateway to a life I never dreamed of and am so thankful to have. Of course, I thank God for all of this, so you could say that poignant night in September 1999 on Martha's Vineyard when I understood what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus was the most important too.

10} Do you have any phobias?
Ok, try to control your laughter and not think of me as a total wuss. I am afraid of throwing up. It is called emetophobia. It sounds so silly, but it's real. It's not that I just don't like throwing up. Who does? I shake, I cry, I hyperventilate if I feel nauseous. If someone else tells me they feel nauseous, my palms start getting sweaty, I twitch, I avoid being close to them or offering any comfort to them in an event that they might upchuck. I am too busy trying to "hide". I used to contemplate not getting pregnant because of the possibility of getting morning sickness, but God bless the man/woman who made Zofran!  It's a miracle drug for me!

11} Would you rather…always have a popcorn kernel stuck in your throat OR have Cheeto fingers forever?

This is easy as pie. I would rather have Cheeto fingers forever. Having a popcorn kernel stuck in my throat would probably mean it would be difficult to talk. I can't live without talking. I'll take the Cheeto fingers and buy stock in Bounty paper towels because I would constantly be trying to get the "orange gook" out of everything.

The rules say I am supposed to come up with 11 of my own questions and tag 11 fellow bloggers. I've been a little anti-social these days, so that's just not happenin' either. I did have fun with these, though, and hope you don't think I am total weirdo have a little fun reading them.


  1. Haha! I might have to do these as well! You're not alone on the fear of throwing up, by the way. I used to be deathly afraid of it for about 15 years. Then a terrible flu when I was 21 and threw up 14 times in one night got me over that. I've had the flu a couple of times since then and am no longer scared! My sister still is, though - she will RUN out of the room if anyone says they might be sick! I didn't know there was a name for that phobia, though. :)

  2. I am so delighted by your story of sorting Hershey's miniatures!!


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