Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cabbage and Condoms

Sadly, prostitution, particularly child prostitution, is a huge issue in Thailand. One of my colleagues at work just returned from spending a year ministering to child prostitutes and attempting to transition them from their plight into a normal childhood. She recalls many of the prostitutes she worked with were just tweens, but their dress and makeup transformed them into women far beyond their years. We witnessed this first hand. Sit in the lobby of our hotel at night and you'd see the prostitutes enter the lobby, leave their ID at the desk, and meet creepy men at the elevator who'd escort them up to their rooms. It was a sad sight to watch.

A restaurant called "Cabbage and Condoms" devotes a portion of its profits to help keep the young girls off the streets. I wasn't all that impressed with the food, but that's not the reason you dine at this establishment. 
Never seen pad thai wrapped in an egg!
In addition to being drawn there for a good cause, the "statues" outside the restaurant are creative and entertaining. All of the statues are made out of condoms.
This is "Condom Claus". Isn't that incredible?!  And, the funniest one is this:

Do you know who that is? It's Tiger Woods. And, the sign next to him says, "Hey, Tiger, Did you use these?"

The food is bland, but the cause is important. At the very least, if you find yourself in Bangkok, you should pay a visit to this restaurant just to check out the creative condom art and to do your part to help out those young girls who deserve a childhood instead of the life they are living.

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  1. I'm hoping to visit Thailand one day. We help support the International Justice Mission, which works to bring women out of sex slavery (and other slavery as well), and I know they've done work in Thailand in the past. I read a few of their books about their work, and many of the stories on their website from freed slaves, and it's heartbreaking to hear what these people go through. They desperately need our support and for us to increase awareness that this is actually going on in our world!!!


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