Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas List 2011

Mom handed me a pad of Post-It notes and a pen and asked me to make my Christmas list. In an attempt to get her into the 21st century, I thought I'd post it here too:

iPod nano
My iPod died a tragic death in a rain storm in NYC in September. I have my iPhone that I currently listen to music on, but I like to talk on the phone and listen to music at the same time. The new nano is all jazzed up! In addition to housing my music library, it has FM radio, and the capability for me to track my workouts. Will I really track my workouts? Probably not, but I am itching to get back to the gym! This comes in a number of colors, but I'm thinking of going all girly and asking for a hot pink one!

Tall brown boots
These beauties in dark brown are resting in an unopened box in my room. If they fit, they will go under the tree and wait until December 25th to be worn. I hope they work because I am already planning all of the outfits that would look stunning with these on my "brand new" feet (Well, the right foot is "new").


 It's a tradition in my family to get new pajamas for Christmas. We all get a few pairs each year. Time to get rid of the last year's pjs that are worn out and raggedy and fill the drawer with the new sleepwear.

Hightower Jersey
 I'm not normally a jersey girl. Football is one of my favorite sports, but I normally like to sport my team spirit sans the over-sized shirt with someone else's name on my back. This time I can't resist the jersey. Tim Hightower grew up in my hometown, went to my rival high school, and played football for the Richmond Spiders. Unfortunately, I missed him on campus by a year so I can't really say I know him, but he's now playing for the hometown team! I've just got to show my support and pride for Timmy and the Redskins -- and later on, I'm hoping my future husband won't mind if this gets a prominent place in his man room. 

 I would love this....
but I doubt I am getting it. That's Art Monk. He's my favorite Redskin of all time. Classy dude that can tear up that turf!

And if I am really dreaming....

He'd be nice too!

But, I'd better put all of this on a post-it or there won't be anything under the tree for me for Christmas -- except maybe those boots!

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