Saturday, August 6, 2011

Richmond Reunion 2011

My college friends have a reunion every year. For the most part, we are all spread out up and down the east coast and we choose a different place to reunite each year. Technology helps bridge the distance gap between us, but with a few exceptions, reunion is the one time most of us can be together. This year our reunion was in Boston. I have been to Boston close to 10 times and thought I had pretty much exhausted all the fun things to do in the city. Boy was I wrong!
On Friday night, we gathered for dinner at Union. The food here was delicious and I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is visiting Boston. The hot cornbread in a skillet delivered to your table is a real plus. We shared many laughs, LOTS of food, and looked forward to our big day on Saturday while we chowed down on the southern cooking.

Saturday morning, we woke up early and grabbed breakfast at this adorable restaurant in Dorchester before heading to the dock to catch the ferry. Georges Island was our destination. Boston Harbor has 35 islands and Georges Island is a wonderful day trip. On Georges Island is Ft. Warren, a prison back in the 1900s. 

 The tour guide was concerned I might have trouble on the tour (He obviously doesn't know me!), so he suggested my friends and I have a private tour in a golf cart. While I was reluctant to accept his offer, I sure am glad I did!  
Our tour guide was a native of Georges Island and grew up hanging around Ft. Warren his whole life. He enthusiastically recounted all the historical facts and loved to throw in a tale or two about ghosts and his childhood adventures at the Fort.  It was such a treat to hear the information from someone who had spent serious time there and loved the fort rather than from someone who had just memorized a script. Sadly, there wasn't room for Brad and Joseph on the golf cart, so they walked.
It was a gorgeous day at Georges, so after the tour we just took in the sights and sounds of the island and enjoyed being in each others company. There was also the Berklee Music Festival going on there, so relaxing in the midst of friends and live music was perfect.

The weekend continued with a real treat on Sunday -- the Red Sox game! We had attempted to get tickets prior to reunion weekend, but paying $130 for a ticket to a baseball game was difficult for all of us to swallow!  I am used to the Nationals where $25 will get you a phenomenal seat, but there is no comparison between the Nationals and the Red Sox. In fact, attending a game at Fenway Park is truly an experience!

Brad had been advised that our best bet was to go wait in line the day of the game to score the best seats. We waited for an hour and a half, but were never nervous that we were going to be turned away at the box office due to a sold out game. At the box office, we purchased the best seats within reason for $55. But what we purchased and where we sat were two different places! Our friend, Kristen, had been to a wedding the night before and was going to be late to meet us. Reluctantly, the guy at the box office let us purchase her ticket, but we had to meet her to give it to her. There is no will call. So, we walked through the gates and "squatted" in these amazing (and handicapped) seats to take some photos and wait for Kristen to arrive. Turns out we were able to pull the "disability card" (I save it for times like this!) and stay in these seats for the entire game!

Look at how close we were! Home runs! Hot dogs! A legendary team! Die hard fans! Going to a Nationals game will never compare, but I am thrilled I got this experience.

I look forward to reunion weekend every year. It's a refreshing opportunity to catch up with some of the most genuine, loyal, intelligent and adventurous people I know and am blessed to call my friends.

Where to next, Spiders?

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