Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Richmond Reflections

Today I received a new University of Richmond t-shirt in the mail. The Alumni Recruitment Committee(ARC) chairs sent it as an expression of appreciation and thanks for the ARC's effort to recruit the Class of 2015. When the UR admissions office asked me to be an ARC member I jumped at the opportunity to promote my school and help shape the incoming classes of future Spiders. Each time I interviewed a prospective student I got a little nostalgic for my years spent at 28 Westhampton Way. Receiving the t-shirt not only brought back that nostalgia and joy, but also reminded me that God truly does know best. University of Richmond started out as the university farthest from my mind and became the school closest to my heart.

Do you remember or shall I rewind? Some of my favorite memories...

- Meeting my roommate for the first time only to discover she is exactly one foot taller than I am! She is just as cool as she is tall. And loves sports just like I do.
-The Jepson School of Leadership Studies. Yeah, call us "Club Jepson" but I befriended some remarkable people and learned some impactful lessons that I still carry with me today. We worked hard, influenced and served others, and had some fun too.  Anyone remember the hot air balloon ride during one of Dr. Couto's classes?
- All things a capella. Perhaps you would call me an Octaves groupie.
- Ring Dance - I will never forget everyone cheering for me as I walked down the stairs of the Jefferson Hotel without my canes.
-Surviving Hurricane Isabelle and enjoying the week long "hurrication" after the natural disaster.
-Marci presenting me with the Westhampton College Leadership Court award.
-Sledding (for the first time in my life) down the hill next to Gray Court.
-Celebration night - all of the seniors around the lake the night before graduation listening to speeches, reflecting on our four years, and enjoying fireworks.
-All things Delta Gamma -- especially my little sister. I knew the moment I met her that she would be a special person in my life :V
-The cats that lived in Annie's ceiling tiles.
-Parent's weekend - That meant the lake was clean, the leaves were blown out of the woods, the food was fancier than normal...and the opportunity to eat out at some of the nicest restaurants in Richmond thanks to my parents (and spend time with them, of course)
-Singing and dancing to every single N'Sync song that has ever been composed. Don't judge. My roommate and I had a morning ritual. 
-late night conversations with my roommate and dear friends
I am thankful and so proud of the Spiders that I am blessed to call some of my closest friends. It's been 11 years since we all converged on one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States and 7 years since we graduated and spread across the country. Despite the geographical distance between us, we reunite each year to laugh, reflect, and continue to strengthen our bond. I will wear my new Richmond shirt with pride. The shirt is an expression of thanks for my effort for the school. In actuality, I should regularly express gratitude to God, the school, and to my friends for the way they have enriched my life.

Miss ya Spiders. Hope to see you soon.

Grainy photo but almost all of us are there.


  1. I wrote a story about the cats in the ceiling for the Collegian!

  2. Charlie, that was the strangest thing and I still can't figure out how they got in there.

  3. Love the picture! That was the first time I met most of you :)

  4. you definitely hit the highlights! "jackson," the kitten from the ceiling we tried to adopt, was ultimately (forcibly) given to dean landphair. i think she named him keller, which i guess was somewhat fitting. i miss that little guy!


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