Sunday, April 14, 2013

The 411 with BHB

It's always fun to find new blogs!  I typically make new "friends" through link-ups.  Today, I am linking up with BHB, and sharing the 411 on me! I was supposed to have finished this on Thursday, 4/11.  I started it then, and just finished it now.  Better late than never!


Who are you: Jess.  I don't have some cool blog pseudo name.  I do have a lot of nicknames, but my mom will only call me Jessica.  She doesn't like anything else.  I think she might be the only one who consistently calls me by my full first name.

Where do you blog: Shine Like Stars

How did you pick your blog’s name:  My friend, Ashley, and I purchased a brick to be placed on the walkway leading up Jill's House.  Jill's House is a ministry of McLean Bible Church in Vienna, VA that serves as a respite for children with disabilities.  They are able to come and stay overnight, be taken care of, and have a wonderful time.  The children participate in all sorts of activities and the parents greatly appreciate the fact that they can have a little break and their children are enjoying themselves away.  We decided to inscribe  Philippians 2:15, "....then you will shine among them like stars in the sky."  I thought it was perfect because I love stars, but I also hope to be a light in people's lives.  Most importantly, I hope the light of Christ radiates in my life.  As I learned all too well this year, life has many bright spots, but also can bring some deep sorrow and darkness.  Since this blog is a record of my life, I hope that regardless of how much light I see, the light of Christ shines always and I shine like a star to those around me.

                                            LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION

Where did you grow up: Alexandria, Va.  Right outside of Washington, DC.  I feel really blessed to have grown up there.

Where do you live now:  In a condo in Old Town Alexandria.  I love it!

Where would you live anywhere in the world:  I love where I live now, but I could see myself moving to London for a bit.  I want to retire to NYC.  People think I am crazy for saying that, but I feel like I'd have money to spend on the things I want and I wouldn't get too old too quickly because I'd always be active.


Lipstick:  I only wear lip gloss or Burts Bee's chap stick.  I recently bought a chap stick in Aruba and am liking that.  My lips are always chapped.

Mascara:  My hand is not steady enough to put on mascara by myself, so I don't wear it unless someone else puts it on for me.  I wish I could, though, because I think it looks pretty and makes your eyes bright!

Perfume: Jean Paul Gaultier perfume

                                       YUMMIES: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE

Cocktail:  mai thai

Dessert:  Cupcakes (and ice cream) or ice cream cake

Pizza Topping(s):  At certain restaurants, I like only cheese.  It's too perfect to mess it up.  At the typical delivery places, I like pepperoni, green peppers and onions.

One: Wine

Two:  Greek yogurt

Three: Frozen mixed veggies (in the freezer not the fridge)

                                    GET ARTSY: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE

Movie:  Father of the Bride (Steve Martin)

Book:  A Good and Perfect Gift by Amy Julia Becker

TV Show:  I don't really have one because I don't watch a lot of TV.  I have noticed I watch a lot of reality TV when I do watch TV.  That's most likely the reason I don't have a favorite.  I don't watch any quality TV.  Any suggestions?
                             KID STUFF: THREE THINGS ABOUT YOUR YOUTH

What did you want to be when you grew up?   An author and The First Lady of the United States.  I still want to be both.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?  My favorite teacher is/was one of my Leadership professors at University of Richmond, Dr.  Gill Hickman.  She was an incredible professor and role model and she taught us a lot about life.  I will never forget her advice. 

What was your worst sickness/surgery/hospital visit as a kid?   HA! Are you kidding?  I've had 17 major surgeries.  I remember one of my worst was a surgery for my lazy eye when I was 12 years old.  I threw up a lot and could not open my eyes for days.  My dad had promised that he would get me the Disney channel.  He did, but all I could do was listen to it for days because I couldn't open my eyes to see what was actually on the screen.  I was miserable.

                                  THE PRETTY THINGS -  WHAT IS YOUR:

Favorite color: It used to be purple.  At age 26, I decided it was red.  My mom and my childhood best friend say you can't change your favorite color 26 years into your life.  Whatever!

Favorite flower:  Orchids (and Delta Gamma cream roses, of course!)

Favorite artist (painter, photographer, etc.): I like to think I am pretty eclectic, but I really don't have an appreciation for art.  Art and opera.  I just can't get into those two things.  Anything else, I am game.  With that said, I don't have a favorite artist.  I admire my friends who are really creative and artistic, but as for someone well known, I can't really answer.


What’s one thing you buy the most often:  Clothes from the Blue Door Boutique.  I absolutely love that store!

Do you prefer to shop online or in-store? : Online.  I can't stand to try things on in stores and to have sales people bother me.  I am a pretty typical size and have done it enough now that I don't normally have to return things.

Imagine you open your own store - what would you sell?: Cupcakes with ice cream injected in the middle.  There is a store like this in Boston and it is my dream come true.  I need one down here in DC.


Uno:  Terrorism

Dos:  Mental illness

Tres:  Cancer


I hand you a genie - what are your three wishes?

1.  To be happily married to my "teammate for life"/my (future) husband

2.  To have happy and healthy children

3.  To always have the desire, the means, and the ability to travel

List 3 things you can see out of your window right now.

1.  The bridal store that has not changed its windows in months.  Doesn't sound like a good business move to me.

2.  Tourists walking around enjoying the beautiful day.

3.  The alley that is supposedly haunted.


Een: My Dad's father.  I never got to meet him.  He sounds fascinating and looks a lot like Martin Luther King, Jr.

Twee: Kate Middleton.  I think if we knew each other, we'd be friends. 

Drie:  RG III


  1. Love all your answers! My mom always says she wants to retire to NYC - great healthcare, every possibly amenity you'd want, a bustling community so you don't feel lonely, etc.

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks for hosting the link up! So fun! Keep it up!

  2. Replies
    1. I wish this could be a reality. Maybe he will see this and he will come. HA! ;)


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