Monday, April 22, 2013

Sun In My Belly

You can tell I am slowly adjusting to everything that has happened to me over the last year because I am back to traveling.  In fact, I have been on 3 trips in the last three months.  I love to travel, and while I always imagine DC will be my home base, I can’t stay in the same spot for too long.  I have this insatiable desire to see the world. For the last year, grief has squelched that longing.  Dude would be so upset with me for not jet setting because we both had that travel bug and planned to go many places – and even live in London for a brief stint, which I would still most definitely consider.

I’ve been so busy going places and making new memories that I haven’t blogged about our UR reunion in Atlanta that took place back in February!  My friends from college are some of the most genuine, adventurous, loyal, caring, curious, and intellectually stimulating people I know. We come from all different backgrounds – some are from the North, some from the South and we are in a variety of professions – lawyers, doctors, dentists, professors, managers.  Our differences unite us and our bond is strong. 

Since 2005 (year after we graduated), we have been having an annual reunion.  We are geographically spread out around the United States, so we rotate houses each year.  There are about 10 or 12 of us that try to make reunion.  This year, only 4 of us could make it as it is getting increasingly more difficult with pregnancies and babies.  Eventually, though, I hope and imagine us having family reunions with all of our munchkins running around as if they were “cousins”, and Brad being "Uncle Brad" and spoiling our kids because he doesn’t want any of his own and can’t imagine why the rest of us would think becoming parents is a good idea (love you, B-rad)!!  I guarantee you he will be the one that buys our children the toy that the kid thinks is the absolute greatest yet according to the parents, it is the most annoying.  You know the ones I am talking about -  Ones with the never-ending beeps and sounds.  Yeah, I am in for it, one day. I just know it.

Our 2013 reunion was in Atlanta at John and Alyssa’s house.  I’ll pretty much let the photos speak for themselves. We ate a lot, but I didn’t get many photos of the food.  By the way, you know you are a blogger when you become crazy about taking photos of food.  I mean you just might need to show the rest of the internet how delicious you meal is, right? So, no photos of my meals out of the house, but my favorite place we ate at was this adorable restaurant in Decatur called Sun in my Belly.  I wanted to go every day.  I asked if we could go every day.  I got overruled.  We couldn’t go every day because we had so much more to see and experience.
Decatur, GA.  We had fun doing a little shopping and eating at Sun in My Belly

No Sun in My Belly today.  Homemade crepes instead!!

Hanging around in our jammies!  Just like college -- sort of

We tasted a ton of Coke products.  Inca Cola? GROSS!
Waiting for the Coke movie.  The glasses were much more fun than the movie!

"Uncle Brad"
We would tour by day and laugh the night away with games of Apples to Apples and Mad Libs.  Playing Mad Libs at age 12 and at age 31 is quite different.  If we weren’t laughing, we were engaged in some intellectual debate or stuffing our mouths with the M&Ms that were just left on the table all day that Sydney (their dog) never touched! We were amazed.
UR in Atlanta 2013

What a fun trip with such dear friends!  Sun in my belly, for sure.

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