Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter!

Ok, so this post is a little late, but that's because this was probably one of the best Easters to date and I just couldn't pry myself away from the gorgeous weather and family time to write about it.

I understand and appreciate life best when I think about it in analogies.  I am a horrendous artist (I got kicked out of art class in high school...for real!), but I enjoy painting pictures with words.  Picturing an image or comparing one thing to another helps everything come together for me.  The weather on Easter and the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus complimented each other beautifully.  The best way to describe the weather leading up to Easter was crummy.  Rain was prominent in the four day forecast.  It was damp, dark, and rather chilly for the end of April in Virginia.  But, God blessed us with some gorgeous, I mean gorgeous weather on Sunday.  It was 80 degrees, sunny and clear blue skies! Days before Jesus resurrected were dark days.  He hung on a cross, was beaten and pierced to death, and died for my sins and the sins of all those who believe He is the Son of God.  Then after three days of laying in a borrowed tomb, Jesus resurrected, proving that He was not just a man but the Son of God.  His resurrection is the crux of Christianity. It is something to celebrate on Easter and the other 364 days of the year!

My family and I headed off to church for the Easter service. The pews were filled with people in spring color coordinated outfits. The pastor preached on the meaning and importance of Easter; on the character of Jesus. All throughout the service, trumpets blared and the choir belted out the Hallelujah chorus! This was truly a resurrection celebration!

After church, we moved on to the secular symbols associated with Easter -- the Easter basket, of course!  Yes, my mom still fills my Easter basket.  I have had the same one since I was a young child. This year, Zoe even got in on the fun, discovering that she had a new toy and some treats waiting for her.
In the afternoon, my parents and I ventured to Annapolis, MD to enjoy a wonderful dinner with friends who are like family, the Collins'.  Kim was my swimming instructor when I was six years old. We developed a strong bond and I was a junior bridesmaid in her wedding (my first of 10 and counting gigs as a bridesmaid). They have a beautiful house on the water that was the perfect setting for such a beautiful and celebratory holiday.

No doubt, I have a lot to be thankful for this Easter.  For Jesus' resurrection. For the beautiful weather. For the blessing of friends and family. For all of this, I rejoice and give thanks.

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