Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fourth of July

You don't have to ask me twice if I'd like to spend Fourth of July on a boat! It's rare that I turn down a relaxing day on the water and that's exactly what this was!
At 9am, we set sail on the beauty second from the right. The boat was docked at Washington Sailing Marina in Old Town. My mom and I accompanied a family friend, Danny, his wife and a bunch of their friends. They had this whole "day on the water" deal down to a science. As soon as we boarded, we were greeted with blueberry french toast for breakfast. Yum!
Dad didn't go because he was afraid of getting seasick, but man, did he miss out!
We leisurely sailed from Old Town down to the Georgetown waterfront. I typically get lost in my thoughts and surroundings when I am near water, but this was a particularly reflective and relaxing time for me.

Along the way, "Captain Danny" noticed these boys out to the right of us. It looked as if their dinghy had stalled, and despite a valiant effort, the engine would not start. We cruised alongside of them to see if they needed any help. I don't know if you can tell, but there are four boys in that boat. The oldest looks about 16 and the other 3 were all under 7. The "future mother" in me kicked in and was concerned that kids so young should not be on the water by themselves. Danny was worried that if we did not help them, they would be stranded! (At least, until the water patrol came by). They finally gave into our offer to help,
and we towed them to their much larger boat along the Georgetown waterfront! Poor kids were trying to go kayaking at Roosevelt Island and never made it!

Feeling like we had done a good deed for the day, we threw some burgers and dogs on the grill and headed back to the dock. Along the way, we saw this
It is a "missing man formation". This is done at military funerals when a pilot dies. It is a stark reminder that even as I am relaxing on America's birthday, brave men and women are out there fighting and sacrificing their lives for the freedom I enjoy on that day and everyday.

Given that the temperatures soared above the century mark on the fourth of July, the day felt like a scorcher just sitting at the dock. We escaped the heat and returned to my parents' house to trade the boat for the pool.
My dad went for his annual dip in the pool. We had to memorialize the moment because it is rare! While his leading ladies and guests continued floating around for a few more hours, he went inside to play bartender.
  Strawberry daiquiris are a must on Fourth of July. As is cake.
It is America's birthday, after all. What is a birthday without cake!?

After cooling off and stuffing our faces with red, white and blue goodies, we returned to the boat for some more relaxing and the perfect view of the fireworks!

I absolutely love fireworks, so I transformed into a little kid at Christmas during the show!

All and all, it was a very relaxing and refreshing day. Thanks to Danny for his hospitality, thanks to all who fight for our freedom, and thanks to God for a day to escape my worries and relax on the water.

For being 236, you look pretty good, America! Happy Birthday! God Bless!

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