Monday, February 6, 2012

Thirty IS Awesome!

Despite the fact that I had a little meltdown on the eve of my 30th birthday, those who had already entered this new decade assured me that your third decade is truly something special. I had agonized for months over what to do to mark such a milestone. A big party felt like 29 + 1 since my friend graciously threw me a fete last year. Instead of one big event, I decided to do something fun each day for a week. Stretching out the celebrations as much as possible seemed just right considering how much I love birthdays (mine and others)!

The celebrations kicked off with "Billy Elliott" at the Kennedy Center and then a delicious dinner at Filomena thanks to DC's Restaurant Week. The jury is still out on "Billy Elliott". This was the second time I have seen this play and it is just not high on my list. It was "good enough". Filomena, however, OH.MY.GOSH. Some angels came down from heaven and prepared that oooey, gooey delicious Italian feast! For those of you not in DC, if you ever find yourself here, make sure Georgetown and Filomena are on your list of highlights. Those of you who live here, run, do not walk to Filomena! You will be glad you ran because you need to burn some calories before sitting down to this meal. The best part is they give you so much food, you will be eating it for three days!  

My actual birthday was also the day I have Bible study. It was so special to have these girls over to celebrate the start of my new decade with me.

So thankful God brought these girls into my life

Cora's caramel cake. It tasted even better than it looks!
The day after my birthday, I spent the evening downtown watching my two schools, Richmond and GWU, battle it out on the hardwood.
My allegiance is to my undergrad alma mater. Too bad GWU wiped the floor with us. I couldn't let the birthday week end on a low note, so the celebrations continued when a few friends took me out to tea at the Ritz Carlton. It was fun and fancy. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I didn't expect my parents to give me any gifts because we are leaving on Saturday for Thailand for two weeks. I just figured I would look for something there. Knowing my family and our love of birthdays, I should have known that they could not let the day go by without giving me a gift. After devouring these mini ice cream cakes (my favorite),

I opened some very special presents:

This was my grandma's. She died 6 years ago, but this will be a special piece forever.
My dad gave me this bracelet. I LOVE stars.

A pendant with elephants to commemorate our upcoming adventures in Thailand to tell me the trip is a GIFT!

The week was filled family, friends and fun.  If my birthday week is any indication of the year (and decade) to come, 30 IS somethin' special!

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  1. 30 is nothing to be scared of! I have loved this year so far! (Mine was in October.)


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