Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Sweet" #16

Surgery is just a part of my life.  That doesn't make it easy, but it is what it is. Most of the time my surgeries are in Minnesota, so to have #16 at Mt. Vernon Hospital close to home was pretty sweet!  Maybe my drugs are making me delirious enough to post unflattering photos of myself, but my surgeries have definitely played a part in who I am.  Here is the story as it unfolded on October 14, 2011:
My arms are wrapped in warm blankets in an attempt to get my veins to pop up for an IV

The nurse got the IV in on the *first* try!

All ready to go! Don't worry, the smile didn't last long!

The first few minutes in my room

My first visitor: Paula

I would fall asleep in the middle of talking or playing with my phone

Kathryn came and saved the day! She fed me my dinner because I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to use the fork and spoon to eat it on my own.

All by myself.  In pain and pitiful.

Sean and Amanda's surprise visit perked me up!

Rough night. My roommate and I were ignored by the nurses for 3 hours. They got into trouble, but I was not a happy camper!

If I can sit up for 1.5 hours, I can go home.

I did it! Home sweet home soon

Jay, the PT, teaching me how to pivot. This is key.

All set to go!

On my way

How I pass the time most days
In the end:
5 screws in my foot
4 Percocets per day
3 pins in my toes
2 Oxycotin per day
1 cast on Thursday

A long road to recovery (8+ weeks), but my days are brightened by flowers, cards, care packages and visitors.

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